Trade Show Rental Exhibits

Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs

There are many good reasons to “rent” an exhibit. 

  • There could be conflicts within your trade show schedule, a new product introduction, a unique configuration or new booth size
  • You might want to explore a new way to deliver your message, either through enhanced audiovisuals or interactive components
  • You may need to respond to budget cuts

Whatever the reason, a rental option can offer a cost effective opportunity to try something new.

And there is always the hybrid option, a combination of customized components with rental properties.  If a “capital expense” is not in the budget but your company wants a very specific look and feel, the custom rental option alows you to enjoy the bells and whistles for one show without the ongoing costs associated with ownership.

Our current rental inventory includes double-decks, box frame wall panels, aluminum frame wall panels, reception counters, demo stations, kiosks and hanging signs.