Additional Event Services

Streamline Your Workload with a Partner Who Will Handle it All

Managing an event involves an endless list of requirements that can tax even the largest planning teams. Given our experience in the industry, Hargrove has developed long-term relationships with established special event providers and vendors that help bring events to the next level.

Our additional special event capabilities include:

  • Special event entertainment
  • Audiovisual services
  • Special event tents and temporary structures
  • Special event effects, interactive technology and fireworks
  • Floral and linens
  • Event security services
  • Special event photographers
  • Special event portable restroom rentals
  • Special event air conditioning and heating
  • Event temporary fencing
  • Event waste management
  • Office and communication equipment
  • Temporary office trailers and storage sheds
  • Event equipment rentals (tables, chairs, linens, fork lifts)
  • Golf carts