Our Leadership

Experienced Team. Committed Leaders.

Tim McGill

Chief Executive Officer
"We're big enough to handle even the most complex projects, but small enough to ensure our clients receive an extraordinary level of service."

Carla Hargrove McGill

"I love the process of creating an event experience and collaborating with our exceptionally creative staff."

Diana Simmons

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
"Our growth is directly attributable to a talented team and their willingness to go to great lengths to serve our clients. Our portfolio is incredibly diverse."

Seth Henderson

Chief Financial Officer
"We've been able to grow steadily in spite of a turbulent economy and invest substantially in the company."

Dan Cole

Senior Vice President, Trade Shows and Exhibits
 “Hargrove is all about creating an unforgettable experience. We transform trade shows and exhibit design using the same creativity that’s been responsible for all of the larger-than-life immersive events for which Hargrove has long been known.”

Ron Bracco

Vice President, Events
“An event should be more than just an occasion to interact with your target customers. We aim higher — a Hargrove event is an opportunity for your customer to lose themselves in a sensory stretching environment and fully participate. Our goal is not just an event your customers attend, it is something they experience and will talk about for a lifetime.”

David Solsbery

Vice President, Creative Services
“Designing and building experiential environments that look great and the meet our clients’ goals is very rewarding. Working with this amazing team of creative thinkers both inside the creative department and out, makes all the difference..”