Green Focus

Measurable Sustainability Results

We conduct our business and operations in the most eco-friendly manner while growing our business and producing effective results for our clients. We encourage our staff to become leaders in this effort and continually seek out new alternatives and solutions to improve our performance.

Green Tips

  • Plan Early: Early preparation is the number one way to reduce your show’s carbon footprint and impact on the environment. With plenty of planning time Hargrove will help you iron out every detail and avoid those last minute shipments and other energy depleaters. A well-designed signage strategy ensures graphics can be repurposed and waste time is minimized. With plenty of prep time, we can help you educate your exhibitors on implementing a successful green exhibit program.
  • Beware of the Buzz Words: Just because materials are called biodegradable and recyclable doesn’t mean they will be. These terms rely on future actions that may not be feasible and may consume additional resources to achieve. The reality is that there are few landfills in the U.S. that can achieve biodegradation and shipping recycled materials to appropriate centers can be even more damaging to the environment.
  • Laundry Lists Don’t Equal Results: It’s easy to get caught up in long lists of what a company is doing to be environmentally friendly, but in reality the list doesn’t add up to much. At Hargrove, we focus on areas that truly impact our carbon footprint; minimize use of natural resources and ensure we recycle every step of the way.
  • Don’t Forget Your Exhibitors: A major component of a show’s ability to achieve greater sustainability is its ability to encourage best practices from exhibitors. At Hargrove, we offer a variety of tools and resources to encourage eco-friendly practices by exhibitors, including online ordering, green incentives and training.

Our Sustainability Approach - Corporate


  • Technology – Pursue ongoing technology improvements that reduce carbon footprint. Example: energy star compliant PCs, collaboration software.
  • Energy Efficiency and Consumption – Reduce lighting consumption and HVAC costs. Examples: monitor thermostats and HVAC operating times, seal air leaks, add insulation, retrofit light fixtures. 500,000 kwhs saved in 2009 and energy costs reduced by 30%.
  • Long Term Plan – Pursue alternative energy solutions, including solar wind.
  • Air Quality – Maintain a smoke-free campus and monitor exhaust, air filtration and dust collection systems.
  • Water Conservation – Pursue ongoing conservation of water. Example: Repaired all leaky faucets and underground leaks. Result: Saving thousands of gallons per month
  • Fuel Consumption – Implement all-hybrid tractor fleet within 5 years. 90% of forklifts and other show site vehicles use natural gas or propane depending on city/venue.
  • Inks and Paints – Utilize environmentally friendly inks, paints and other solvents.
  • Janitorial Supplies – Ensure 100% of corporate and show site janitorial supplies made of 100% recycled materials which exceed EPA guidelines. Purchase 100% corporate and show site cleaning supplies with Green Seal approval.


  • Expand Art Program – Hargrove partners with area educators to supply new scrap substrates and graphics returning from show site to supplement limited art supplies. Our goal is to expand this program to as many schools as possible.


  • Waste Minimization and Recycling Program – Maintain a comprehensive single stream waste management program. Example: recycled close to 150 tons of material in 2009
  • Light Bubles  Recycle all light bulbs using a 3rd party vendor.
  • Office Supplies – Recycle office supplies including paper, cell phones, batteries, computers, printers, and cartridges.


Our Sustainability Approach - Client Services and Products


  • Research – Continue research and close partnership with major substrate manufacturers to procure and encourage ongoing development of green materials.
  • Focus on Exhibitors – Comprehensive, environmentally friendly program for exhibitors includes: training, shipping, online kits, ordering, suppliers, service and products such as trash liners, tabletops, wooden tables, magazine bins and booth headers.
  • Green Options – Present green designs, substrates and other solutions to clients.
  • Vendors and Subcontractors – Require all vendors and subcontractors to pursue environmentally friendly programs. Example: Use shippers who use corrugated boxes and recycled Visqueen and are SmartWay Partners with the EPA.
  • Online Show Management – Expand HCC Client Connection to ensure clients approve graphics, floor plans and other manage show documents online.


  • Aluminum Fabrication – Use recycled aluminum framing, not wood, in fabrication as it is reusable.
  • Earth-Friendly Supplier – Use suppliers who source, design and produce eco-friendly rental furniture.
  • Carpet, Drape, Staging, Props, Décor – Maintain 100% reuse program and use 100% recycled, repurposed or earth-friendly shipping materials.


  • Carpet/padding – Continue program to ensure 100% of carpet and padding is recycled.
  • Graphics – Ensure graphics and signage recycled on show site and at headquarters.
  • Venues – Partner closely with venues to ensure Hargrove compliance with waste management processes and procedures.

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