What to Expect

Detailed Planning Every Step of the Way

Thanks to decades of experience, we know what works at a trade show.  During the planning phase, for example, we work with our clients to design an overall floor plan and event flow that makes sense, from registration to expo theaters to award programs.

At Hargrove, you are not a number; you are part of the family. Our personalized approach builds a strong working relationship based on trust, a detailed understanding of your requirements and the ability to anticipate your needs.

Throughout the process, our staff works with you to achieve your goals.  They remain in frequent contact, are empowered to make changes and decisions based on your needs, and harness our vast supply of materials and resources to deliver high quality signs, structures and other show elements.


As part of your trade show management team, Hargrove becomes an extension of your staff.   We accompany you on a detailed site visit and use our expertise to assist you in creatively planning your event.  Details such as outdoor banner treatments, registration area layout, directional signage, entrance treatments and the total décor package are discussed and thoroughly addressed.

Our creative team goes the extra mile to create not 1 but 3 design concepts. And they work with you to incorporate your show theme graphics into detailed, custom designs based on your needs.  Once the design package is approved, our production staff sets deadlines and assigns duties and responsibilities for each member of our team.


Hargrove places a great deal of emphasis on planning all aspects of your show, from design, labor and material coordination to document processing.  As production on the event begins, we maintain frequent contact to keep you updated on our progress.

We work with you to finalize installation and, show and dismantle schedules, and we create production orders for every area of your event. Our production management and freight management teams create a detailed “Show Plan” that outlines each element of the event, including material handling and shipping, special freight deliveries, and labor and other onsite needs.


Once onsite, Hargrove’s goals are to ensure a flawless move-in of all requirements and an efficient response to all onsite requests.

Our dedication to quality, customer service and attention to detail is evident during the show.  Your Hargrove event manager is involved in the entire process and is onsite during move-in and move-out to assist your staff.

We ensure management areas are set up on time and we install our Hargrove Service Desk ahead of exhibitor move-in.  Meetings are held daily to track progress and quickly tackle any issues that arise.

As exhibitors begin to arrive, wireless envoy teams constantly monitor the floor to assist the exhibitors and handle any last-minute needs before the show opens.

Move Out

As the show draws to a close, our team oversees move-out to ensure it’s as organized as the move-in.  This includes maintaining complete control of the loading docks; careful handling of show management materials; and loading and shipping all equipment and supplies to either your office or Hargrove’s climate-controlled warehouse. 

The Hargrove team conducts a post-walk through of the venue to ensure all equipment and property are removed. Key management personnel conduct post-event debriefs to assess planning, production and onsite quality levels. Adjustments are made to systems and procedures to resolve any gaps in the management structure. And, of course, your Hargrove team debriefs with you to discuss successes and opportunities the following year.

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