What will meetings and events look like following the COVID-19 pandemic?

For everyone in our industry, that’s certainly been the question on our minds. And while it’s easy to say “I don’t know,” the meetings and events industry as a whole is too important to accept that as an answer – 10 million jobs worldwide directly depend on it.

Instead, Hargrove, along with PSAV and our family of brands and industry partners, are looking to help get the live event industry, event planners, and our teams back to work and begin the road to recovery. In order to do so, meeting safely will undoubtedly be our top priority.

With nations and individual states slowly releasing stay-at-home orders, now is the time to envision what our return to live and hybrid meetings will look like. As risk and health are two key considerations for businesses and associations, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures will remain an essential part of making people comfortable with gathering again.

But we can’t go back to “business as usual” right away. An anticipated phase one recovery for our industry likely represents smaller meeting sizes in alignment with evolving government guidelines. For this reason, we have created specific guidelines that focus on smaller meetings and events to take cadence with the reopening efforts happening nationally and internationally. Please be on the lookout for phase 2, which will be focused on larger scale activations and how to produce them safely and responsibly. Our experts are developing plans for every aspect for events in the future.

So, how will meeting safely in the early stages of recovery look?

Working alongside our partners, Hargrove has designed a series of meeting formats, equipment packages, and recommendations that address how to reduce risk, increase confidence, and promote well-being within the meeting space.

Our MeetSAFE guidelines address examples and options for meeting designs, room layouts, traffic flow, technology considerations, and enhanced cleaning procedures, with the goal of making the meetings and events industry stronger and healthier than ever.

We know this is just the first step on the road to recovery, but we also know our industry is resilient. Together, with your support, we’re confident our industry can show great leadership throughout the comeback.

MeetSAFE- Meeting Design, Room Layout Traffic Flow, Technology Considerations, Cleaning Guidelines



By Scott Finlayson


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