Venue: ,
Date: January 1970

Client: eBay  Event Type: Custom Rental


Develop a new and engaging experience for attendees that had to be eye catching, highly visible from all corners of the of the tradeshow floor, and brand promoting.


A brand experience full of color that captures your attention from the moment you see it. 

Hargrove was the brains behind the strategic marketing approach that lead to the brilliant design and build of eBay’s space. It was important that they had visibility from anywhere in the hall. That is where their 18’H tower covered in SolaRay sequin panels and the 18’W x 30’L double-sided rectangular hanging sign became the perfect solution.

eBay also needed specific areas within the booth customized for each recruitment division where their recruiters could collect resumes and have one-on-one conversations with attendees. We were able to achieve this by strategically positioning reception counters to create an open flow concept within the space. These also provided the perfect solution for all their storage needs.


Our client was so impressed with the strategy behind the exhibit build and layout that they named Hargrove as not only their fabricator but also their agency for future events.

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