The future of events, of any type and size, requires us to encourage and empower participant interaction.

Immersive, impactful experiences delivered strategically and creatively

Technology plays a supportive role in bringing the experience to life. Building from the technology enabled foundation, the understanding of your audience is key for developing the strategic, creative, and content approaches that lead to an integrated, effective digital solution.

We know today that the social contract is forever changed. The barriers to entry now allow for massive creativity. Hargrove develops the user experience with this in mind. What used to be about intimacy can now be about a longer-lasting value exchange.

When selecting the technology for a digital experience, we keep foremost your goals and objectives for the event. We strategically compare your needs with the capabilities of various digital tools and platforms to determine what aligns best and how we could generate the best possible solution.


Geographically positioned presentation stages

Video conferencing​

Webcasting and live streaming​

Attendee engagement platforms​

Simultaneous interpretation​


Live Q&A and polling​

Discussion forums​

Real-time word clouds and heatmaps​

Up-voter capabilities​

Social media integration​

Chat rooms​