Apr 4 2023

Hargrove’s work as an exhibit design firm goes as far back as our company’s inception in 1946. From our start in window displays for boutiques and creating iconic parade floats, to our current portfolio of custom tradeshow exhibits and bespoke experiential activations, we’ve partnered with brands, organizations, and museums to create visually inspiring and memorable …

From Relationships to Resourcefulness: Navigating the Current State of the Event Industry

Jul 28 2022
With the resurgence of live events, the excitement of meeting in-person again has met many in the events industry with newfound challenges. The current landscape of supply chain constraints, labor shortages, and rising fuel costs have added a new level of complexity to the event planning process. Additionally, event planners are facing tighter planning timelines ...


Nov 11 2021
Installation will Reduce Power Usage to Zero By Tara Higgins and Scott Finlayson With the importance of sustainability as a collective responsibility, we can create a better future and do our part to create positive change and long-term opportunities for progress. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that Encore has entered into ...

Events that Transform: B2Me℠ and Hybrid Event Experiences

Sep 2 2021
By: Tara Higgins, President, Hargrove & SVP Commercial, Encore Our final installment in our series on B2Me℠ event planning culminates into the dynamic, highly scalable framework of hybrid event design. Hybrid not only offers vast design potential, but also revolutionizes our ability to deliver the three audience essentials: human connection, immediacy, and authenticity. By integrating ...

The Power of B2Me℠ and Influential Event Design

Aug 3 2021
By: Tara Higgins, President, Hargrove & SVP Commercial, Encore In part one of our look into the world of B2Me℠ marketing in event planning, we discussed the process of audience evaluation and the commonalities shared across all audience demographics. B2Me℠ recognizes that understanding the audience goes beyond demographic and industry sectorizations and seeks to design ...

The Value of Partnerships in Our (Re)Start

Jul 7 2021
The meeting and events industry clearly experienced a great deal of change over the course of the last 16 months. An industry filled with incredibly talented people who were singularly forced to be nimble and adaptable can now learn from each other to accelerate our industry’s exciting (re)start with the right event solutions. For Encore, ...

The Future of Event Audiences and the Shift to B2Me℠

Jun 17 2021
By: Tara Higgins, President, Hargrove & SVP Commercial, Encore At Hargrove, we remain passionately committed to the growth of the live, virtual and hybrid events industry. We believe in its proven power, as the ultimate channel to build relationships, create experiences, and drive results. Our industry is at a pivotal point, with the expansion of ...

We Make Events – Tim Kurzynski: Marine Veteran and Director of Internet Services

Apr 27 2021
The events industry attracts people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The projects aren’t always straight forward quarterly meetings or annual conferences, sometimes they present challenging questions with unique scopes of work that require a team that can think outside of the box. The teams at Hargrove and Encore possess diverse backgrounds including military veterans ...

Design a Hybrid Event for Every Participant

Jan 22 2021
Christine Kiesling
In November of 2020, we surveyed 2,000 of our customers and asked various questions about hybrid events. When we asked them to give a general forecast of their 2021 events, our survey respondents shared that they plan to allocate nearly 80% of their total spend on virtual and hybrid solutions. To maximize your total spend, ...

Planner Tips: Event Strategy and Design for Hybrid Meetings

Jan 5 2021
Whether you’ve never planned a hybrid event or feel pretty confident in your abilities to deliver a seamless experience, there are strategy and design techniques for hybrid meetings that you can use now to elevate your next event. Just as you measure your in-person events’ success by stakeholder experience and event metrics, the same can ...