Picture this: your booth is being installed after it was shipped by the general services contractor or your IND company. Today, your company’s new brochure just finished printing, so in order to send the brochures to the convention center you plan to use one of the well-known small package shipping companies.

When companies like Hargrove look at this picture, we urge caution.

Instead, we recommend a tradeshow shipping specialist as opposed to a small package shipping company. Small package shipping companies have an entirely different set of procedures to get packages from point A to point B. The result of using a small package shipper for a trade show? Often lost, delayed or damaged packages not to mention additional or hidden costs.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When small package shippers drop off at a tradeshow, they may drop off several hundred packages at one time – and only require one signature. That leaves a big opportunity for error. If you utilize a tradeshow shipping specialist, the paperwork for your specific shipment is reviewed to ensure a complete inventory with no visible damage.
  • Small package shippers don’t always do weekend pickups or deliveries. But, a lot of tradeshows open and close over a weekend. If you request a weekend pickup, your shipment runs the risk of being delayed, lost or you’ll pay extra charges.

Think using a tradeshow shipping specialist is more expensive? Not if you plan ahead and schedule both your outbound and inbound shipments all at one time. And, while the team at Hargrove welcomes the opportunity to provide all of your shipping needs, we hope you’ll
use any qualified tradeshow shipping specialist so your exhibit experience is picture perfect.


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